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Words matter.

There’s much more to translating than translating words. You need to communicate the right message and present it in the most effective way, so that it is apprehended in the intended way. Especially when working with international organisations that have a social impact in the world, it’s crucial that the words I use have a powerful impact.

I translate for companies, organisations and associations in the following sectors:

  • Economics and business
  • Vatican and religious matters
  • Social causes
  • NGOs
  • Art exhibitions
  • Literary festivals
  • Beauty and makeup conventions
  • Medical conventions

Text revision

Need to ensure your draft translation sounds perfect in Italian, minus any errors or inconsistencies? I can make sure your translation is 100% accurate. Using the source text, I will check your translation for accuracy, logic, smoothness, idioms, and typography so that it’s equally as authentic as the original, only with the kind of language that Italian speakers can easily apprehend.

Interested in working with me?