Bring your words to life

Need your text translated from French or English into Italian?
Require the assistance of an Italian interpreter to join you at your next event?
It’s important that your words leave a mark. Let me make that happen.

I specialise in the following sectors to provide you with the most accurate and impactful interpreting and translation services:


Vatican dicastery events, pontifical documents and events, religious orders

Safeguard your reputation with the right words and the right meaning. Understand every word and meaning with the help of a qualified linguist. When it comes to religion, clarity is key.

Social causes

Human rights, environmental protection

Ensure your message is expressed and comprehended in exactly the way you intend, so you can start building partnerships for a brighter, greener future.

Economics and business

Meetings, conferences, board of directors

Certify all data is communicated in a clear, concise and compelling way to achieve the response you desire. I can translate for board of directors and investment managers.


Medical conventions

Embrace networking opportunities at medical conventions with the help of an expert linguist who can help you communicate across three languages. Don’t let language barriers get in the way of new business partnerships.

Art, food and culture

Artist profiles, wine, Made in Italy products, art exhibitions, literary festivals

Guarantee your products and works of art are seen and admired by a wider audience. Receive continual communicative assistance when clients ask questions or want to collaborate.


Cosmetics, makeup, beauty conventions

Warrant a warm welcome for your beauty products in a new market that will attract target customers and encourage them to stick around.

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